What factors are important to select women underwear

In previous article we discussed for important factors for selecting men Underwear, many of factors are same for both men and women underwear. But because in women underwear there is different variety so there is more fabrics and style compare with men items. Beside, difference between men and ladies body can add many factors for women underwear.  We will discuss for lady’s underwear and how to select women underwear.


The most important factor to select women underwear is hygienic fabric. Ladies  vagina produce moisture so here the most important factor is, keeping body dry and clean, to meet this purpose we need high absorbing fabric like cotton. Despite of the fact that cotton fabric is good choice for women underwear, variety of models and cause brands started to make women underwear with other fabrics to make desire and different models and style. So some time they use fabrics that can have a air circulation or good absorbing moisture, sometime not! We suggest if ladies like to wear panty which is not made by advised fabrics, then at least wear in short period of time.


Ladies always pay much attention to beauty and style. So this factor always are important for underwear manufacturer. women underwear need to be hygienic and stylish both together. Also most of ladies prefer to have at least one women underwear from each model. Here we name some women underwear models, Boyshort , brief , thong, cheeky, high rise brief , sleep short, hipster, bikini, G string, tango brief , high cut, control top brief,


As conclusion, all ladies should gain knowledge of women underwear fabrics to be healthy and no allergic, also women underwear need to be comfortable for daily activity which natural fabrics highly recommended, and at the end style can be considered.




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