Why men underwear is important

Mostly doesn’t care underwear but one of the most important garments we can name is men underwear; it plays key role for health of the body and skin. We discuss some of the important parameter for selecting good men underwear in this article.


Comfort, is the most important element of selecting men under wear, men underwear considering as garment that men can easily working, walking, jogging during using men underwear. To meet this purpose, underwear fabrics need to be made by cotton laycra plus some spandex, for example 95% cotton to provide entire softness and 5% spandex to meet elastic and stretch for underwear to avoid motion limitation. There is a huge diversity on cotton fabrics but they cannot convey the softness and elasticity to the customers. There is a many factors for fabric manufacturer to make underwear fabrics , like knitting or waving process. Cotton fabrics need to process by knitting machines to allow fabric stretch in both directions.

Also there is many models in knitting process but only Laycra process suitable for men underwear fabric. Apart from the fabric we need comfortable elastic tape, loose elastic band for men underwear feel underwear drop off and tight elastic tape feel suffocation and annoying for user, for long time usage maybe cause deformation and varies in that area. To avoid all above disadvantages, we have to use nylon or spandex elastic tape woven by jacquard machine to offer big range of designing for the brands on elastic tape men underwear.


Skin Care, Natural fabrics always suitable for skin because of high moisture observation and air circulation, can absorb sweat and keep body dry and hygienic to avoid bacteria growing that cause infection and skin issue. Also, natural fabrics underwear is suitable for allergic skins.


Good Looking, men underwear need to be attractive and in new fashion style for both men underwear and ladies underwear. In past time m garments and men underwear is made to protect body from cold and hot weather m passing time and modern world has been changing our demands, so brands and garments industries manufacturing new fashion and good looking men underwear for sexy attraction and customer feel good of nice design and model.



Feel soft and dry. Natural fabrics can highly absorb moisture so they are best choice for men underwear to keep body dry during sweating. Recently with growing technology, there is many polyamide fabrics that can breath!, it means with air circulation this kind of fabric can keep body dry so in near future we will see huge change in men underwear and ladies underwear, polyamide underwear are better for designing and dying as well, we can say they much better that cotton in dying and printing.


As Conclusion, each person need to gain basic information regarding fabrics and underwear also realizing difference between high quality fabrics so they can improve their family health and hygienics to select high quality underwear.

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